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From Buying Policy to Claim Settlement, we will be with you

Even after purchasing the policy meets your requirement, you will be guided at any and every point of time. For the people who don’t have anyone after them to claim the policy, also has to be worry-free, as their hands will be held till the last process of claim. The service provided from my end is hassle-free and easy to get through which will give you the one point of contact for long term basis. You will also get the quick claim settlement support.

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Why MD LIC Best for LIC Insurance?

Serving 100+ customers based in Gujarat

We have served more than 100 customers based out of Gujarat according to their requirement. Each one of them were guided till the end and were more than satisfied receiving the elite service. We take utmost care of our client’s requirement, which makes us the best among the market.

Advising Best LIC Policy as per your need

There are numbers of policies available in market. Which will do nothing but confuse you to the hardest. Often, it happens that you need a policy but are not clear what to opt for. Falling for the wrong option is very easy as you will be convinced with greater conviction. It is very important to be guided by the best and to have the suited option meeting your requirement.

You will be guided with every option meeting your requirement leaving no space for regretting your decision. Your financial availability also plays very important role in the selection of the policy. You will be guided with all the options best for your need and meeting your financial availability of buying the policy.

The policies in the market has hiked in specific section depending on the age of the policy holder and the type of policy. You will be guided through them thoroughly so that you can choose the best match for your requirement.

One point of contact for long term basis

There are higher chances that you could not contact the policy provider once you have purchased the policy. Once they gave sell the policy to you, they might not be accessible for further queries. On the contrary, getting consulted from here will not only provide you the best solutions but also service after that. You will be guided till the end by the same person. You will get the contact number and address of your provider which will be accessible whenever needed, even after years of buying the policy. Even after the death of a particular person, all the process will be conducted by us. For the people whose parent might have bought the policy years back, will also be guided in case they are unaware regarding the policy bought. Thus, you will get one point of contact for long term basis.

Quick Claim Settlement Process

Once you have bought the policy, you have not to worry about the claim settlement period. As, under the guidance of our team, you will have the quickest possible claim settlement process. The team is well trained to look after every settlement on a priority basis so as to get the earliest settlement of a claim for the client. Also, the claim settlement depends on the type of policy bought by the buyer. The different policy has different claim settlement time durations. Keeping everything in mind, the settlement process will be initiated to the earliest once the claim has been registered. During this entire procedure, the team will be along with the person to help them feel ease and to get the best for the client.


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